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Localize your website

Your website in the right language for the right market – raise your profile around the globe

Localization and internationalization

The processes of localization and internationalization make internet content available to the largest possible number of users worldwide, but also adapt it to environments with a strong local flavour.

Whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise, the tiniest of start-ups or the largest long-established multinational, a travel agency or a bed-and-breakfast up a mountain, the localization and internationalization of your website are your stairway to internationally-based growth.

It just isn’t enough to have your website in English alone, because if you do you are either passively ignoring or actively alienating a large part of your demographic – your presence on the net should be your shop window for the whole world to see, not just the chosen few.

That said, our team believes that it is just not worth the effort to design a website and then have to translate it. Instead, using their language skills coupled with their technical know-how, they will coach you right the way through the process of creating your site on the internet so that your shop window for the world is designed right from the start in the language or languages of your choice.