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Up to international markets

Your products and your brand in the international market

Your brand & your products abroad

It goes without saying that if you want to really home in on your potential clients internationally you need to pay proper attention to the cultural quirks of your markets around the globe and blend into their cultural environments.

A simple translation will just not do the trick here, as in so many other situations. What you have to do is localize, i.e., adapt your brand name, the names of your products and your advertising slogans so that they blend into your target market and sound right to your potential clients.

Basic precautions

Verification of the product/brand name. If you decide you want to export a brand/product under its original name,

  • We start by making sure there are no negative connotations in the target culture.
  • We make sure that the word does not mean something else in the language(s) spoken in the target market.
  • We check to see whether the word visually resembles anything else in the target culture’s written language.
  • We make sure that the word will have the positive effect for which it was originally thought up.
  • We obtain opinions from linguistic experts in designing brand names and product names in the target market’s language(s).
  • We adapt your advertising documents and messages to the cultural environment in your target market using the same procedure.

Marketing/marketing communication

  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Press releases
  • Congresses
  • Mail shots
  • Market studies
  • Presentation packs
  • Canvassing packs
  • Displays
  • Booklets
  • Reviews
  • Communication strategies