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Translation of audio and video content

Our team will transcribe and then translate the content of your audio and video media into all our languages (see our list of working languages).


Many well-known companies are leaving it to us to translate the sound tracks of their corporate productions.

Press packs

This service involves providing language support to production agencies to help them produce not only press packs but demo CDs for the press to launch publicity/advertising campaigns (new products, awareness campaigns, promotions, seasonal marketing).


Pre-translation processing with a view to producing dubbed/subtitled video content. Preliminary language support for voice-off and voice-over projects.
Software localization
This speciality, which requires just the right mix of language and technical expertise, means that we can replicate your programs or applications directly into the language (or languages) of your choice.


Our team also takes on some other audio- and video-related translation projects (company in-house videos, television documentaries, video games…).
Transcription and translation of audio and video content
Conferences, seminars, colloquiums, symposia, conventions; debates, meetings, assemblies; TV series, voice-overs for documentaries, recordings of TV and radio broadcasts …