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Scientific and academic translation

With English as the default language for academic publications, it is sometimes tempting to take the path of least resistance and ignore anything that is written in anything else. Tempting, but risky, and basically unsound. So…

If you are a researcher, a research professor a scientist, an academic, an engineer, if you have to do research at all in medicine, engineering, the humanities, any of the sciences, hard or soft, you regularly come across articles, theses, preprints and other works that are not written in English. You may be planning to publish yourself, you may be writing your own thesis, or you simply need it for your work: you do not have the time to wait and see if it comes out in English, you want to make sure you are not caught out by anything in it, you think you might find something you need in it, or you just want to make sure that you are not reinventing the wheel… and that’s where we come in. With our team of translators who all have not only university backgrounds but translation experience too, we will match the text to the translator so that you get a translation into English that is not just readable but authoritative too – and, of course, free of gobbledygook.

The team prefers to work straight into English from the original text – although it would of course be nice to stop by your mother tongue, if it is not English, and even to have all texts in all possible languages, the effort involved is such that the game is simply not worth the candle.

Language coaching

With their knowledge of languages matched with specialist know-how, our team members can coach you all the way through the process of getting your research work down on paper so that your message is couched in English (or in a language of your choice) right from the start.

As they are research professors themselves, our coaches can lead and assist you through getting your work into English in the proper form through the various phases of writing it, right up to the final phase of revision and proofreading.

A blog or a website can raise your profile – planet-wide

Our team members who specialize in things internet can offer you made-to-measure solutions to improve your visibility amongst the world scientific community. What they will do is listen to you, and listen well, so that they really understand what you are trying to get at with your research work and really figure out what your professional and academic profile is so that they can help you choose the internet option – blog or website – that will really suit you best.