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We are a team of university experts specializing in languages and communication skills.
We continue to expand our team’s range by bringing in professionals with additional areas of expertise.
Our abilities are regularly put to the test and strengthened as a result of our original vocations as research academics.

We offer a wide range of translation and related services: translation of all kinds of textual material, interpretation, assistance on business trips abroad, linguistic assistance in creating communication media for your company, translation and linguistic preparation for audio and video dubbing work, language coaching for reading and for writing your own scientific research papers and articles…

Our team of translators, who all have a range of skills, will ensure that you receive a professional translation whatever your area of specialization or activity: technical, medical, scientific, commercial, legal, financial, IT, telecoms, marketing, industrial …
We have the capability to provide you with translations in all the languages in common use in the global economic and professional environment.

The range of areas of expertise and the number of language combinations offered by our team is very large.
For major volumes of work and major projects, we set up a team of translators supervised by a single coordinator who heads the project. The project chief is responsible for reviewing all the work that is completed to ensure that it is homogeneous in terms of style, terminology, titles, layout/formatting and overall coherence.

Our team, unlike any other, has a our one-of-a-kind network of contacts with academics worldwide to rely on.