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Software localization

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Your software in your clients’ languages … the passport to planet-wide market penetration

Localization and internationalization

If there is one field where globalization is a fact which no one can deny, it is information and communication technologies. All round the world, ICTs have given rise to two new translation activities, the localization and internationalization of software, and websites; in other words, translation into English to internationalize them and out of English to localize them.

Nowadays, if you want to market your software internationally or boost its international market penetration, you can’t get away from the fact that it has to be both internationalized and localized.

Whether you are a small software publishing house or one of the big boys, you still have to make your products (software, applications, games, utilities) available in your potential clients’ own languages; there’s no getting round it.

With their language skills coupled with technical know-how, our teams can coach you right the way through the process of creating your software so that the product is designed right from the start in the language or languages of your choice.